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Our Story

First Fettlings…

Fox & Fettle evolved from an act of great kindness and support, in fact from a lifetime of consistent support, from two incredible parents. A year ago, anxious, stressed and on a fast track back to ill health, I was offered an opportunity to take back control, to begin a restorative journey and to have the freedom to use creativity to nurture a positive recovery. During the past year my life has been devoid of any stress and ‘Fox & Fettle’ has been allowed to evolve at an organic pace and has happily emerged from an initial idea to a fully-fledged business whose only real initial focus was to work out a career which would fulfil the creative void in my life and secure my future happiness.

I began by knitting, finding solace in the tactile comfort of working with wool and fairly quickly created a menagerie of Fox Stoles. Just as quickly I realised that there was a reluctance to pay for time and materials for a product considered as a humble Craft. I was determined that the Foxes should be out there, available to purchase, and this, juxtaposed with the necessity to make a living from their creation, inspired the idea of creating painted artwork for the Fox stoles which could then be printed onto Velvets, an efficient process to replicate. I set about by looking at the structure of the knitted stitches, at how the continuous yarn loops, meanders and entwines to create a satisfying, alluring surface. I began with washes of colourful inks, scattering salt to create bloom like interest within the flat washes and then used bleach and watercolours to reveal the knitted stitches which I imagined to be hiding, waiting quietly to be discovered. The many hours invested in creating the original artwork has allowed contemplative space, time to recover, to unravel anxieties and to focus upon moving forwards creatively at an agreeable pace. Things changed when I put this artwork into Photoshop and began to play with the repeats and opportunities available to me and my happiness was justified as incredible patterns emerged which I hadn’t previously contemplated. The response of family & friends to these designs encouraged me to, somewhat tentatively, print these designs onto Linen and for the love, support and encouragement of these people I will always be grateful…..

Currently I have meters & meters of Linens, Velvets & Silks waiting to evolve into a multitude of fabulous things! Lampshades, Cushions, Fox Stoles & Silk Scarves wait in anticipation of their new homes & there are future intentions to create Wallpapers, Bed Throws, Headboards, Nightwear & Silk dresses along with a sketchbook full of drawings just waiting to evolve into the next fabric collection….and as for those Fox Stoles that were at the beginning of this journey, they have been printed onto Velvet and are waiting to bring smiles to the faces of those fortunate enough to cross their path….

2018 holds the exciting prospect of a new workshop, here in the beautiful, rural County of Worcestershire, a necessity as the current space has rapidly been outgrown. It offers the prospect of a bright, spacious, studio; a place to create, to contemplate, to find inspiration and room to grow this little business of mine, but best of all it allows me the opportunity to work in close proximity to my parents, the facilitators of this incredible journey, and for their support & encouragement I will always be thankful……

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