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Bespoke Work

Here at Fox & Fettle we like to be helpful!

Fox & Fettle’s very favourite pass time is Fettling!

We always enjoy the opportunity to engage with Bespoke or collaborative projects. So whether you are a customer who would love one of our fabrics on a size or shape of Lampshade not currently available on our website, or maybe a covered Footstool, Bed Throw, Headboard or one of our fabrics in a colour that we haven’t yet released (….because a bridesmaid dress in the palest pink ‘Josie’ Crepe de Chine is the only thing left on the list to complete their perfect day….) or you are a company who would love to see our Velvets upholstered onto your hand made furniture or maybe think that our artwork on your next ceramic collection would be a marvellous thing…. the possibilities are endless!

Get in contact! We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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